My Amazon Prime Day Picks

I must admit, I don't *just die* over Prime Day. Now don't get me wrong there are some GREAT deals but for the most part I find that a lot of the stuff that are on sale are off brands that I'm a little skeptical about trying. I don't want to buy a product just because it's cheap and 60% off on Prime Day. I want to buy a product because it's good. That being said, I wanted to do a post that was rounding up my favorite Prime Day deals that are actually worth your hard earned money. I've either used the product personally, had a friend that uses it or have done a lot of research on it in the past. I will not be linking just random shit that's marked down a billion dollars off to make both of our lives easier. 

Prime Day can be an overwhelming thing to navigate so here are my favorite things that are on sale today and tomorrow ONLY on Amazon Prime & for Amazon Prime members. I've separated it in to different sections, what I am actually purchasing this Prime Day, what I own that's on sale and what I recommend purchasing! ENJOY!

What I'm Buying

Starting off really sexy but these are what I use to clean my toilets here at my house. I'm grossed out by toilet brushes so when I moved to Nashville I just bought the Clorox ToiletWand with disposable heads and have loved it ever since! 

I gotta be honest, I hate buying dishwasher pods and usually make Cody buy them when he's at Kroger... Conveniently runs out whenever he's the one doing the grocery shopping. Guess I'll stop being a bitch and buy it myself on Amazon Prime LOL. The price comes down to only $0.20 a pod, I consider that a win.

I mean there's no sugar coating it, everyone poops. This is a lightening deal so get it NOW.

In the pack theres a designer dupe so I figured I'd swoop it up. I want the clear bead one with the giant cowrie, that's essentially why I am buying it!

Hot Tools Extra Long Curling Iron with deal $29.90
I've had the same Hot Tools curling iron since 2010. Yes you heard that right. It's been with me through EVERYTHING. The handle is sticky from all the wear and tear. Time for an upgrade (and its extra long for my longer hair!)

What I Own & Recommend 

I mean this thing is great, I've shown y'all my hair when I use it on my IG stories, I love it so much. The waved crimped hair is so in right now and this tool works for me (and I have thick hair!) Save 30% off the retail price today which is even cheaper than Target.

The deal won't show up till checkout but these mini wet brushes are awesome. I obviously own the full size and technically the full size is on sale but I would proceed with caution, those reviews seem like they are fake. The miniature ones however are 100% authentic and also just so convenient for traveling. Nothing worse than forgetting your prized hairbrush in the hotel room. Speaking from experience. Traumatizing.

Okay this is an amazing deal especially if you're like me and don't understand why power tools are so goddamn expensive. I got this one for Christmas and it works great. Can't complain bout the Amazon Prime Day price of nearly $60 off.

The colors I have are not on sale but the multicolored ones are! Love these.

This was probably one of my best purchases of my entire life. I bought this 3 years ago when I was still living out in LA and I still use it on every trip. It is heavy and bulky but you can charge your iPhone XS Max 4 TIMES with this thing. I know. It's insane. Lightening deal so get it fast!

It's a decent deal! I own this vacuum and love it. However if you're on a budget I think I would tell y'all to go the Shark route instead. They get the same job done! But the freedom of no cords is amazing.

iPad Pro with deal $649
I love this thing, I use mine all the time especially for work when I'm traveling or blogging from the couch.

Calvin Klein Bras with deal $13.44
THE MOST COMFORTABLE THINGS EVER. They are not good for working out but for athlesiure purposes they are so comfortable. I have multiple. I Stan. 

What I Recommend (but don't personally own)

These have great reviews and sometimes it's not necessary to have excessive amounts of hair clips.

This is an amazing deal on an amazing vacuum. When I was on the market for my first vacuum I asked y'all which ones you recommend and it all boiled down to this one and the Dyson. This is significantly cheaper than the Dyson and just as good from what I've read and heard! It is corded!

I use a version of this but this one is on sale. Caitlin and I used it in Miami on the beach to take photos of ourselves because we wanted pics together but didn't have anyone to take our pics so, tripod it is. 

I go through so many tripods and I just recently bought a new one, I opted for a cheap one and its a piece of shit. The reviews on his one look amazing and it's quite the steal because good tripods don't come cheap!

Reebok Workout Leggings with deal $26.71
I love colorful workout leggings because everything else I wear to the gym is so bleh. This pair looks amazing and are over 40% off with the Prime Day deal.

Tie Dye Sports Bra with deal $11.19
Okay this is real cute and you can buy the matching pants below. I'm just trying to decide which color is the cutest?!

Tie Dye Leggings with deal $12.59
These are the matching leggings to the sports bra above. I mean how cute are these?! Such a good deal, cheaper than Target. Not to mention it's a well known brand too.

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