35mm a Day: July 2019

Yay! It's finally here. The thing I've been hyping up the past month and a half, the way to share a little slice of my life with you all here on my blog. Right after my birthday in mid June I had this idea come to me randomly at dinner one night with Cody, what if we took a 35mm photo a day. We are beginners in film, we know little to nothing about it except for the fact that we like the idea of it. How fun it would be to practice 35mm photography over the next year, document our everyday lives & the little moments that happen daily. I wanted it to be a fun way to watch us grow in comfort behind and infront of the camera, test our creativity but also give my readers a little diary to read on the blog.  

I've never seen someone do this before, not saying I'm the only person ever to do it, but I think it will be a fun adventure to embark with y'all as well as providing a glimpse into my life. I also want to note I am not holding myself to the promise that I will get a picture a day, sometimes life happens and I might forget my camera behind, I'll do my best though. 

Let's get to my 35mm journal. Here's July 2019 in 35mm.

7.1.19: The beginning of the monthly film adventure at my favorite place, Hattie B's. We eat there every Monday, it's our one tradition.
Reformation Dress (old)
7.2.19: Bae and Nashville.
7.3.19: Shooting our content for my 4th of July post. Truthfully I think this picture turned out better than the DSLR photos did.
LPA top || Reformation Overalls || Lack of Color Hat
7.4.19: Forth of July @ Five Guys. America. Also mid blink, not my best photo.
LPA top (on sale) || LPA pants (also on sale)
7.5.19: Yes, I wore the same outfit 2 days in a row. Embarrassing that it's only 5 days into this and I've already been exposed for that.
LPA top (sale) || LPA bottoms (sale) || Chloe C Bag
7.6.19: Got a little drunk for Anna Grace's Birthday on the Hell on Wheels Nashville party bus.
7.7.19 Hungover but got ready, must document that small victory.
7.8.19: My exactly thoughts were "wonder how a mirror selfie will look on 35mm?"
Free People Set 
7.9.19: Miller the perfect angel of a Yorkie being a model. 
7.10.19: Sorry we didn't shoot a photo on the 10th, we were traveling! Thank goodness we didn't use one precious shot though because Cody ended up buying the wrong kind of film for our camera (like not even close) so we only had about 17 shots left on this role for Bermuda because Bermuda has 0 film or disposables ANYWHERE. Tea.
7.11.19: Made it to BERMUDA! Check out the infinity pool at the Hamilton Princess, GOALS!
7.12.19: Tobacco Bay is the prettiest place I've ever seen.
Dress: Retrofete 
7.13.19: Horseshoe Bend had the softest sand I've ever laid my toes on.
7.14.19: this would've turned out a lot cooler had we wiped off the lends in the humidity. We didn't. The reality of shooting 35mm a day, sometimes they don't turn out.
7.15.19: While we were gone, Mama got a brand new dress in from & Other Stories. Recently I started working with them for a little credit a month, which is TRULY an honor if you know me. I spend too much on & Other Stories.
& Other Stories Dress (on sale!)
7.16.19: Truthfully was having a bad day of shooting, like we probably took 500 shots to get one shot for the Mumu campaign I was shooting, I was NOT feeling myself so I told Cody, "just take a picture of my effin' boots." And he did.
Ganni Boots
7.17.19: Shot the final outfit for my Mumu campaign. How cute is the sidewalk in East Nashville?
7.18.19: Went to Cody's work party and we got Five Guys after because it was really late. I honestly don't eat Five Guys often, it just so happens that I have twice this month. Now I'm embarrassed. I digress. Also learned that my viewfinder is clearly above the lens so that's why my shot didn't turn out like I thought it would. It's a learning experience.
Shrimps Bag
7.19.19: Me at my girl Jenna's Bachelorette Party via disposable.
7.20.19: Brad Paisley Concert in Indy!
7.21.19: Just what the world needed, more proof that I am not good at film photos.
7.22.19: I want this plant. Someone make this happen for me.
7.23.19: Cleaning. Once again. Off centered.
7.24.19: The day mercury retrograde fucked with me the most. I got a flat tire and left my film camera in my car while I was getting my new tire (yes new tire because the flat wasn't fixable) while I was at dinner with my girls. Sad because I wanted a pic of Hannah and Liz eating their breadsticks. Oh well. Life happens.
7.25.19: Shot this And Other Stories dress (again with the dress, I am sorry.) Our memory card broke. Mercury Retrograde.
& Other Stories Dress || By Far Sandals || Shrimps Bag
7.26.19: Went to another plant store to help myself cope with the sadness of Mercury Retrograde. I love Hewitt Garden Center.
7.27.19: Caitlin is in town! We went out and she met my gal pals. It was *lit*
7.28.19: Hungover. Bathed Miller.
7.29.19: Caitlin's last full day spent downtown with tacos.
Loewe Shirt || Zara Pants || Chloe C Bag || Lack of Color Hat
7.30.19: Okay we get it Sarah, you like this outfit. Aka me trying to use up the rest of the film so I could get it developed as soon as I snapped tomorrows pic.
7.31.19: My pampas grass (that's very aggressive I know) finally arrived so I wanted to snap a quick picture of it. Gorgeous. Love my home.

So that's that. This was so fun! Hope you guys will continue to read these posts every month and watch as we grow in our trial and error with film. We used my Minolta Hi-Matic for these photos (next month ill be testing out my newest camera that's a manual) and we used Lomography film. Next month is all Portra 400.

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