What No One Tells You About The Reformation Sale

Hi! Hello! It's me again. Can you believe it, two posts in one week?! I'm getting wild up in here. 

Today I am going to spill the tea on the Reformation Sale that just started today. Tea? Yes, tea. I've shopped many Reformation sales, many sample sales, so I feel like I've got a great understanding of how this works. Here are the things no one tells you about the Reformation Sale and my sale picks to help you navigate the sale this season. Enjoy!

1. Sales continuously go down.

That means if there is something that you have to have, purchase it now. If you are feeling lucky and ready to gamble, maybe wait a week or two when the prices go from about 25% off to 40-50%. They drop to unbelievable prices towards the end of the sale to clear the inventory.

2. It's more than last seasons.

You might get lucky and find a piece that you wanted from a few seasons ago during the sale time. Every sale there's always a particular print or dress shape I've got my eyes peeled for, sometimes I'm super lucky and it's one I've been searching for multiple seasons!

3. It's the perfect time to pick up perfect denim, but sizes sell out fast.

Their denim is hyped up for a reason. Go with your true denim size. Everyone is different sizes everywhere, for example I'm 27/28. However when dealing with Reformation I always, always, always go with the 28.

4. It is final sale.

Is this a new thing? Wanted to do a video with my Reformation sale picks thinking I could return the stuff that didn't end up being 100%, but then I realized the final sale underneath the price and was not trying to gamble on pieces that I wasn't 100% sure about.

5. There's a lot of stuff.

Take your time to navigate it all. It's overwhelming. It's like an online sample sale.

6. Reformation pieces are timeless.

I wear them season after season, so if you're worried something you might buy this sale won't be in style next year, it probably will. Reformation doesn't gamble too much on being trendy since it's a sustainable brand, they want to put out stuff that can be worn multiple times and through the years.

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