35mm a Day: August 2019


Long time, no chat. Don't worry I have a lot of blog posts lined up for this month so I won't be going on another hiatus anytime soon for my loyal readers. I am so excited to bring you guys another 35mm a Day post where I take a picture everyday to document my journey of photography as well as just documenting my life. It's my new way of sharing more with you guys in a fun, candid way. 

This month I experimented with my Pentax K1000, which is a fully manual SLR and some turned out as fails, some did not. It's fun to learn but you can definitely tell I am doing just that, learning! The first half of the month I used Kodak Portra 400 which I will link here.

Halfway through the month I also got a new point-and-shoot from Amazon to test out more affordable options for you guys who just want to have something to take film pictures with. I picked up the Olympus Infinity JR on Amazon Prime as well as Kodak Gold 200 film. Just to be transparent, I didn't love the Infinity JR simply because there's no option to turn the flash off and as you'll see, the flash can get intense. But for about $25, you can't really complain. Also I messed up the automatic film when it winds it back up before you drop it off at the camera store, so a few shots unfortunately didn't make it out alive. Nice one, Sarah.

Also wanted to note that some of my pictures unfortunately aren't developed yet. I'm still working through a roll on another camera so whenever I do get those pictures back in the coming weeks, I'll do my best to update this! 

8.1.19: The start of a new month and my first shot on the new (to me) Pentax K1000 with Portra 400. Clearly need to work on the whole manual focus thing.

8.2.19: Movie night to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, obviously I loved it. It was so cool seeing roads I use to drive on, the theater across the street from my old apartment and other things that I had familiarized myself with while living in LA in the movie. Only complaint: I need more of Austin Butler in my life.

8.3.19: Another day, another shoot. This time I'm wearing a Forever 21 dress that I scored big time on. Cody's still trying to figure out the exposure thing. Linking the dress here.

8.4.19: Testing out my Pentax K1000 and wanting to make the pun "the only D I need." Mature, Sarah.

8.5.19: My new favorite nail polish combination inspired by M&M's.

8.6.19: I had a really bad day and didn't want to shoot a picture because quite frankly I had been crying most of the day. Just being transparent, don't pity me. Anyway, Cody surprised me with treats from Baked on 8th so I decided to take a picture of those yummy treats.

8.7.19: Shot some photos in my new Ganni dress that I finally caved and purchased. Linked here.

8.8.19: We traveled from new home (Nashville... Okay, semi new) to old home (Cincinnati.) On our way to our favorite dinner spot, Amerasia, I captured this skyline view from the moving car.

8.9.19: Checked out the rooftop bar in Cincinnati at one of Cody's favorite breweries, Braxton. Check out my handsome devil.

8.10.19: Wedding day for my beautiful HS bestie! It was the best day. Also how cute was my one shoulder dress. I was pretty impressed with it myself.

8.11.19: Another day of me playing around with the focus on the Pentax K1000, this time featuring some sunlight and my beautiful Chloe C Bag. 

8.12.19: New dress fresh from & Other Stories. She's a beauty. Linking this one here.

8.13.19: A rainy day.

8.14.19: Meant to take a picture with my dear friend Sean who was in town visiting but completely forgot to. Instead I got a picture with Cody.

8.15.19: Date night in my new Song of Style dress. Y'all this is my first SOS piece (first of many to come, I've got a few more in the mail on my way to me right now) and I just adore this dress. And for those wondering, our date night was in Edgehill Village at Taco Mamacita. You can read all about my favorite restaurants in Nashville here.

8.16.19: Went to Goodwill and got this new chair. Thought this might turn out a little different, a little less brown, a little more contrasty and vibey. Maybe Portra 800 would do better. 

8.17.19: A day full of Vintage shopping and yet another date night, this time we went bowling. I suck at bowling. Lovely. I need to learn to stabilize better with the Pentax because turns out I am rather shaky.

8.18.19: Why is Miller always the tester of a new camera. This time I wanted to test out the Olympus Infinity JR because I read online that it had the same lens as a MJU II (this probably means nothing to 99% of people reading this) so I ordered this one on Amazon. Unfortunately this was one of the light leaked pictures. First film using Kodak Gold 200. The rest of the pictures are shot with Kodak Gold 200 linked here.

8.19.19: Film for this day has yet to be developed.

8.20.19: We used up the rest of the Portra 400 on the Minolta and shot some cool pictures infront of this random car.

8.21.19: Damaged film so here's a picture of the chair from a day before. Sorry I can't, don't hate me. Anyone pick up on the joke there?

8.22.19: Another one of the light leaked pictures. I had a way cooler picture from this day but that also suffered the consequence of the light leakage. I love love love this Song of Style top. The day she released her collection I tried to get it but it sold out so fast. It's MINE FINALLY! Linking it here.

8.23.19: My talented friends, Megan and Liz, had a show downtown and I was so blown away by it. Such an incredible night.

8.24.19: From my friend Hannah's bridal shower dinner to a party in East Nashville with my girls. 

8.25.19: Truthfully I was really hungover and didn't take a picture. Shame on me.

8.26.19: Shot at my favorite place in East Nashville, you can rent her house for shoots here!

8.27.19: Took the film to get developed but shot the last shot of the film on my front porch featuring my new Converse, I shot a similar shot on the camera the day before in my favorite house. Which shot do you prefer? Get the Converse here, they are a collaboration with JW Anderson.

So that's this month... well most of my month. I'll update it when I get the pictures back from the other camera, until then I hope you guys enjoyed this. You can shop most of the things I talked about here from my Amazon Shop Page. Thanks for reading!!!


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  2. Love your pictures. Saw yours from July too and I was inspired to take some photos. I've recently been playing around with a Pentax K1000 as well