A Weekend in Boston & Nantucket on Film

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We started our trip in Boston where we stayed at a Sonder near Fenway Park. You're probably wondering, hey Sarah, what's a Sonder? Well kids, I gotchu covered. A Sonder is not a hotel room, not a normal Airbnb, more like an apartment you can rent out and utilize the amenities that a complex would have. Best of both worlds. Privacy of an Airbnb but the luxuries of a hotel. I'll link the Sonder site here incase you want to check it out.

Our Sonder had a game room/arcade which was everything I could want and more. I love playing arcade games because I'm a child at heart. There was also this big common area where you could get some work done & it overlooked the city. Amazing views.

So we were only in Boston for basically one day which is unfortunate because I really wanted to make time to drive up to Salem for a day. Next time.

We did manage to make time for some good eating and some shopping before we headed to a Boston essential, Fenway Park. We ate brunch at quite possibly one of the most delicious breakfast places I've been in years. No joke. North Street Grille is where it's at. Cody and I got the same thing, the chicken and waffle sliders, but the French toast options had my drooling as well.

Another great place we managed to hit up was on Newbury Street, I wanted to stop in Zara because Nashville doesn't have one and we literally stumbled across Thrive Vintage. The reviews online sucked so I didn't make it a point to go check it out but Cody wanted to go in. Wow their selection was AMAZING. I could look through their merchandise for hours. 

One last thing we did before hitting up the Red Sox game was stop by one of Cody's bucket list breweries, Trillium. According to Cody they have some of the best beers. I have no opinions on this obviously, craft beer isn't really my thing. Truthfully it all tastes the same to me.

The Red Sox game was so fun! I had been to Fenway before but since it was Cody's first time in Boston, we knew it was on the list of things we must do. Plus I never turn down an opportunity for a ballpark pretzel and dijon mustard. For those who don't know this about me, that's actually my favorite food... crazy, you'd expect my favorite food to be fries, wouldn't ya?


On Friday when we arrived in Nantucket it was pouring down rain. I mean, pouringggggg down rain. We couldn't catch a ride in an UBER because it was going to take 15 minutes from the ferry to pick us up or 15 minutes to just walk in the rain to our Airbnb, so we chose to just save a few bucks and burn a few calories. As you can imagine I wasn't trying to whip out my film camera to document that moment, I was imagining being warm and not in soaked clothes.

For those of you who don't know this already, we went to Nantucket for our friends Krista and Andrew's wedding weekend. It was such a fun weekend, you can check out Krista's IG for all the pictures and fun wedding content here.

That night was the welcome party at their house where everyone got to meet and mingle. There was a lot of tequila involved so cheers to the only picture worthy posting on this blog post LOL. I mean it's iconic and sums up the night perfectly.

That Saturday morning it was still raining but I insisted we continue to explore Nantucket since we only had one full day there. We ate the best burger at this restaurant located in "downtown" Nantucket called The Brotherhood of Thieves. Anyplace I get goat cheese on my hamburger is an amazing place in my book.

Since we were in Nantucket I also wanted to see a beach. It stopped raining long enough for us to UBER to one right down the road from Cisco Brewers, which was our next stop for Krista's wedding agenda. We got the coolest picture ever on that beach, I already posted that on my IG so here are pictures you haven't seen quite yet.


And finally we ended our Saturday with clear skies. Our Airbnb was right down the street from the Old Mill so we went over there to take photos before getting ready for the reception to celebrate our sweet friends. 

For those of you who don't follow Krista already, her reception was held at Keepers Restaurant and the food was amazing. The night was amazing. I love my dear friend Krista and I am so happy for you and Andrew! 

And Sunday was spent hungover AF and driving back to Boston. Love that for me. Got seasick on the ferry. Don't be hungover when you're already sensitive to getting motion sick. Just a word of wisdom.

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