I Tried #NEWTOX & This Happened...

Pictured above is 2 weeks after NEWTOX injections.

About 2 months ago I went to visit my girl, Courtney at Kattine Aesthetics, who does my injectables. I love going to her, she's about 30 minutes outside of Nashville but worth the drive out of the city. I did an entire blog post before on preventative botox and why I love visiting her so much, you can read that here. In July I had been hearing all about the "#NEWTOX" aka the latest version compared to Botox. I was intrigued and desperate to give it a go.

Newtox is actually Jeuveau, obviously Newtox just flows off the tongue better than the actual name. There are a few injectables that are on the market that do the same thing as Botox and you just have to find the one your body processes the slowest. My friend Liz swears by Dysport. I swore by Botox. It all varies person to person. Keep this in mind. Anyway, the marketing strategy on their end was real good, they claim that most people who have tried Botox and Newton preferred Newtox because it lasted about a month longer. Upon hearing this I was sold, I had to try it ASAP. I went into my appointment and told Courtney I wanted to try the hyped up Newtox.

Like I said, everyones body processes different injectables different. My friend, Liz, thinks Newtox is the greatest thing ever, her face 2 months later is good as it was a week after her appointment... I however did not have that result. Unfortunately my body processed that #NEWTOX real quick. My body typically digests Botox in about 3-4 months, depends on how much I am working out (something that increases how quickly your body will work through the injectable.) I really wish #NEWTOX would've worked for me, my forehead is moving (truthfully I love being frozen in my forehead) and typically with Botox this wouldn't be the case yet.

Pictured on the left is my movement after 2 months with NEWTOX. Picture on the left is a week after Botox.

The point of this blog post? To prove to y'all that every body is different. #NEWTOX didn't work for me. Botox might wear off quickly on people who prefer the #NEWTOX. Every body works in a different way and that is okay. If one didn't work for you, try another variation. Thankfully there's a lot of things available on the market today that do pretty much the same thing. You are bound to find the perfect injectable for you!

I want to stress that Courtney did not make me try #NEWTOX, my personal opinion was it wasn't for me but that has no effect on how I view Courtney as an aesthetician. She knows her stuff. She's explained to me everything I know about preventative botox. I just wanted to be the one to tell you guys my personal experience with the new craze. I also don't want this to discourage you from trying it, it just didn't last as long on me as I had hoped. I will be sticking to Botox from here on out (or until the next new thing comes along, then obviously I have to try that out to report my results to you. Consider me your guinea pig.)

If you want to check out my girl Courtney, please do. You will not regret seeing her, she's a beautiful soul. You can check her out on Instagram here. She's always running specials and discounts so be sure to follow her stories where she's always updating and if you have any questions, be sure to ask away! I know y'all will love her as much as I do!