Tis the Season to Treat Yourself: Farfetch SALE Roundup!

It's my favorite sale of the season... the Farfetch semi-annual sale.

Any luxury addict knows the importance of the semi-annual sales around May and November, they are iconic. ICONIC. Sorry I had to stress how iconic the sales are because they truly blow my mind every freakin year. Heres the catch though, Farfetch is overwhelming af. Like there are so many designers that it's often difficult to navigate because you can scroll for hours. Well now you don't have to because you're here.

I have been favoriting things on my Farfetch account all season long in anticipation for this sale and this sale roundup. These are things I truly adore and if I had all the money in the world, I'd probably be purchasing right now because you can't beat these prices. This time of year (as well as May) are my favorite times to make those investment purchases. Last season I purchased my prized Ganni boots and my Chloe tie dye shirt... oh and my Retrofete dress and By Far heels. Okay, you get it, I went overboard. And I highly believe I will go overboard again this year, but as long as I am saving money, it's okay, right?

Here's all the things I am LOVING from the sale. Shop wisely my friends, take that mouse to Farfetch right now and INDULGE.

all of these items pictured can be purchased in the sale in a different color

Let's start off with my favorite article in fashion... handbags. I LOVE HANDBAGS. I can't get enough, never too many. Too many doesn't exist in this household. 

The iconic Moon bag from Staud. I have been wanting this bag for so damn long ever since Staud first posted about it on Instagram, then it was everywhere all fashion week long. YES PLEASE. Personally I love the look of the large one, oversized and such a statement. Also here it is for under $200!

Marc Jacobs Softshot bag is amazing. I love this color way, so autumnal and also just my favorite colors right now to wear.

Have you been eyeing my Chloe C bag? Well the bad news they don't have the exact one I have but they have other color ways!

It's definitely no secret that I love boots almost as much as I love handbags. There are a lot of good prices this year on amazing boots from Ganni and Paris Texas. I can't decide which pair I need to make mine this season. HELP.

Moving on to clothing. Clothing is so hard to determine what people will like but here are some of my favorite things from the sale that I recommend giving a second look.

Didn't think it was possible to love a Chloe t-shirt more than the current color way I own... but they did it to me. They released a better color combo... Damnit. I mean look at these colors, how could one not want this shirt?! The logo is perfect and believe me when I say the shirt itself is comfortable af. I wear mine all summer and winter long.

I rounded up all my favorite Ganni clothing picks below but my favorite thing that I personally own from their fall collection is the dress I wore in Portland. It's on sale for 40% off. Bad for me (because I paid full price) but great for you! Perfect for Thanksgiving!

HAPPY SHOPPING! Or shall I say, happy adding things to your cart to buy yourself for Christmas... Guilty af.