My 2020 Prime Day Picks: Amazon Favorites

 Can't believe it's already that time of year for the anticipated Prime Day by Amazon. Every single year I wonder to myself if the sales are even worth checking out and I swear I wont buy anything. Every year I lie to myself because I buy plenty. I'm pretty sure toilet bowl cleaner was my favorite thing I purchased last year so this is going to be the most real list you'll probably find about Prime Day. I like the practical things. That being said, let's get into it and start looking at what Prime Day has to offer!!

Might I add that this picture on this blog post has nothing to do with anything I am talking about today, I just wanted a cute picture for the blog post... Lol. SOOOOO ANYWAY...

Also if you haven't already, please check out my new YouTube video all about my favorite Amazon Prime purchases in 2020. It will be very useful today, I promise! Check it out here.

Same as last year I am breaking it down into 3 categories: what I'm buying, what I already own and recommend and finally, what I recommend but don't own just yet!

What I am Buying

Ninja Air Fryer (save $40)

I am the last one in this world to purchase an air fryer I know but I really, really want one because I've heard they make your life so much easier and I am ready to make that commitment. I debated purchasing a $50 basic one from Target yesterday then I remembered it was Prime Day and that there would be a great one on sale. Sure enough, Ninja is one of the best brands when it comes to small appliances so this has been added to my cart.

Sandisk 64gb Memory Card (save $8.50)

It's no news to you guys that I am a content creator and your girl can never have too many memory cards because mine break, go missing, etc. Swooping 2 of these for sure!

Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs (save $23)

Okay hey guys guess what I am buying?! My fiancé underwear, he's so lucky I know. But real talk, Calvin Klein makes the best boxer briefs and they are on an amazing sale. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to stock up for Christmas.

Cordless Hair Straightener Brush (save $8)

Every year I fall victim to one of those deals where it's like, "wow I've never heard of such a thing" because it seems interesting and I want to try it. Well while I was looking at straighteners in the Prime Day sale, I found this device. I don't know much about it but I am SOLD. The reviews seem legit so I am buying it. No turning back now.

Calvin Klein Comfort Bralette (save $17)

Oh my goodness, my favorite bra is on sale. Alert the police! I am obsessed with this bra. I can't recommend it enough, its the most comfortable thing that I've ever put around my boobs. It's soft, it keeps the girls in place. I love it. 10/10. You have to try it. I am such an old lady I buy these bras now and not a single bra from VS.

Love Wellness Things (save 30% off)

I listened to a podcast recently with Lo from The Hills on it where she talked about her new brand, Love Wellness. I instantly purchased from her website because she was really knowledgable about the women's body. I take the probiotic everyday! Definitely going to try something else out because 30% is impressive.

iPhone Charger Cables (save $9)

Purchasing for the better of my relationship so my fiancé doesn't want to kill me when I ask him if he has an extra charging cable. Hehe.

Power Strip Charger (save $15)

I literally fall victim so hard to Prime Day deals, I find something that intrigues me and I read about it, then instantly need to add it to my cart. This is a power strip for all your apple products that actually charges your phone faster which your girl needs because I am using crap products to charge my phone and it charges very very very slow.

Ring Floodlight (save $60)

Yall know I love ring products well I wanted one with a floodlight on it to install right next to our driveway to help stop car break-ins. Ahh the joys of East Nashville.

What I Own & Recommend

AirPods (save $44)

Okay I wasn't expecting to see AirPods on sale but I feel like this is a deal you can't pass up. I use my AirPods all the time and yes they are worth every penny.

Core 10 Leggings (save $11)

My favorite freaking leggings to workout in! I cannot stress this deal enough. I love my Core10 leggings because they do not give you a camel toe when you're working out. This is a very important thing to me because I feel like no one talks about that when it comes to recommending workout leggings. These leggings you won't constantly have riding up. 10/10.

Revlon Brush Blow Dryer (save $30.50)

I talked about this in my favorites video so I won't go into it too deep. But this deal if 50% off so if you've been eyeing it, I say now is the time to try it!

Bondi Self Tanner (save $7.20)

A great alternative to Loving Tan with a great coconut smell. It costs you around $30 at Walgreens so this is a great deal right now!

St. Tropez Self Tanner (save $12.50)

I am pretty sure I have never seen St. Tropez on sale before so this is a sale you probably don't want to miss. St. Tropez was the first self tanner I ever used and yes it's exactly what it's cracked up to be... Amazing.

Ray-Bans (save 20%)

All Ray-Ban styles are on sale once added to cart. Check out all the styles on sale here.

The Ring Doorbell (save $60)

Okay last black Friday my mom went wild trying to find the Ring doorbell to gift my dad for Christmas (so romantic I know) and why go through that hassle when you can get it during Prime Day? It sold out during Black Friday so if it's someones list, maybe purchase it now! Y'all know I love mine!

Mini Gold Huggies (save $7)

I also already talked about my love for these earrings so I won't talk about them too much here but these are the cutest earrings for a 2nd or 3rd hole!

iPhone Tripod with Remote (save $7.40)

I actually own this one and I love it so much. A lot of the time when you purchase an iPhone tripod it will blow over with something as small as a fart. This one, while it's not as heavy duty as a normal tripod, is still a little stronger, taller and better than all the others I have wasted my money on.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (save $7)

I mean this stuff is a classic. You put it on your zits overnight and it helps making them smaller and disappear. It's such a great deal!

My Initial Necklace (save $3)

I literally wear mine like everyday. It's my favorite necklace and for $10 I swear it's amazing. I've had mine for years and it doesn't look like it, I don't understand what it's made out of but I wont ask any questions. 

What I Recommend but Don't Own

50 Face Masks (save $11)

Surgical face masks are always good to have in your car incase you forget your reusable face mask at home. I have yet to see them this cheap. What a steal!

These Square Ray-Bans (save 20% off)

All Ray-Bans are 20% off right now but this pair in particular is a pair I have been eyeing as my next purchase from RayBan. Caitlin has them and I think they are so chic looking because of the square lens. I am obsessed.

Powerbank (save $14)

Usually every prime day or Cyber Monday I try to purchase a new powerbank for traveling because I literally always misplace them. They just get so cheap around this time and I can't pass it up. I always need one!

Living Proof Shampoo (save $9)

I like to ball out on expensive shampoo sometimes, usually when I am at TJ Maxx tbh. But I have never seen the Living Proof shampoo there and this is the kind of price I'm willing to pay for a great shampoo! I've heard great things! 

Facial Steamer (save $6)

I've always wanted a facial steamer and when I was looking at this one, I didn't realize there were SO many benefits to using one. 

Heavy Duty Steamer (save $12)

God I want one of these steamers so bad. I love steaming my clothes and I lost my tiny steamer in the move. For Christmas I'm asking my mom for a new steamer but like the ones they use in stores because when I worked at Free People it was my favorite task todo. GIMME.

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