The Question Everyone Asks but No One Answers about *THOSE* Chairs

By now you probably have seen *these* chairs all over Instagram and Pinterest, the Togo sofa by Ligne Roset. I discovered them last year and immediately pinned them thinking they would be a completely unattainable price and that I would never actually get the dream sofa. Fast forward to this past summer when I was scrolling on Pinterest and found a picture of what I thought was an original and clicked through the link and it took me to a website called Eternity Modern. If you are a Pinterest connoisseur, you know the high that is finding a piece you've pinned on Pinterest for so long, I was hooked. 

When I say I looked at this sofa everyday, I mean I looked at it every single day. I had found the popular reproduction, in an inspired, more cost efficient way... the Momo Sofa. At this point I had already purchased a couch so I decided the solution would be to purchase the Fireside Chairs to use as accent chairs in my living room. I am now an owner of two Fireside Chairs from Eternity Modern, I'm obsessed and do not regret them for a minute, however I have to say they are my most asked about piece in my home, so I figured I'd take the time to answer each individual question I frequently get. 

Just to be transparent, one Fireside chair was sent to me but as you know, I have two! I purchased the other one on my own. All thoughts on the chairs are my own. No one's telling me to say/not to say. We are an open book here on, Sarah Belle Elizabeth.

Is it basically an adult bean bag?

This is literally my most asked question in regards to these chairs and I totally get why. It looks too good to be true, but no it's actually nothing like a bean bag. While the chair doesn't have a lot of structural support like wood legs, arm rests or anything like that, it still keeps its structure when you sit in the chair because of the 3 layers of polyether foam. The only thing I can compare it to is if you grew up in the 90's, those gamer chairs you brother probably had that sits on the floor, with back support so they can be closer to the TV... but way cooler.

Is it comfortable?

100%. I sit in them every single day and to be honest, Cody wasn't sold on the concept of the chairs until he sat in them. He didn't understand how they could be comfortable but he agrees that they are way better than all the accent chairs we sat in before ordering these. And for those people who have small dogs like me, your dog will appreciate them. It's Miller's favorite spot for a midday snooze.

How long did it take to arrive from the day you ordered it?

With COVID restrictions in factories and warehouses, delivery these days are a little longer than normal. You see this when buying furniture from anywhere, things take a while. Eternity Modern says on their site for any custom piece, their lead time is 12-16 weeks. At the time I ordered they were 8-12 weeks. So I ordered at the beginning of August and received them late October/early November.

What fabric and color did you get?

So the day I found Eternity Modern I ordered fabric samples because I knew I just had to have one of these chairs and the sooner I decided on a color, the better. I ordered samples in Velvet Ecru Beige, Nettle Olive and Ginger Cider. I was a little worried about color transfer so I eliminated the lighter shade but then it was between 2 shades that are very similar, the only difference is the Ginger obviously has more orange in it.  I ended up going with the Olive because I wanted to bring in a little more green since we have an open concept and our kitchen cabinets are olive! 

Is it worth it?

I'm trying to pick more quality pieces for my house since we are here for atleast 5 years and I can say that I have 0 regrets about my decision! Totally worth it. My mom is a big custom furniture feen and she told me the price was great for what I was getting, so I trust her!

Why the Momo instead of the Togo?

As cool as it would be to own a Ligne Roset piece, it is just a little unrealistic price for me right now. Another thing I loved about the Momo as opposed to the Togo is unless you special order the Togo from the designer, you have to buy the couch vintage or used. When you order the Momo from Eternity Modern, it's a brand new couch, a reproduction, you have more creative freedom when it comes to colors and fabrics and the best part, it's shipped out of the US so you don't have to pay a big price for shipping. Mine shipped free AND I got to use the first time customer discount when I ordered it. All orders over 1k get free shipping :)

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  1. I love them 😍 and they look perfect in your living room!